An important message from the Chairman

Sadness is like a bad restaurant that’s always open.

I have to continually tell myself: “stock up the happy fridge”. “Put things in it that you value… like exercise, friendship, a full calendar of shows” etc. Otherwise, I lose myself. And then smash-cut to me, at that shitty diner, eating that same shitty sadness sandwich at 2am.

Rumble Strip Part II: Marnie Stern and Marnie the Dog

PicsArt_1413506279200It’s time for another RUMBLE STRIP, the comedy and storytelling show where musicians and stand-ups share their weirdest tales from life on the road.

Last time we had the Wu-Tang Clan’s Masta Killa and Andrew WK. Tonight, we go DOUBLE MARNIE:

Guests are guitar god MARNIE STERN (Kill Rock Stars) and world-famous Instagram dog MARNIE (300,000 followers and counting).

Our comedians are Paul Hooper, Adam Newman and other special guests. It’s FREE and it’s AWESOME. Come on down.

On teaching

I love how this vital job – teaching – is everyone’s fall-back career. “Yeah, if the dreams don’t pan out, I can always mold young minds into permanent shape.”

Viviana Cortez

Tonight, I perform for Viviana Cortez, a Spicy Cuban Holistic Wellness Counselor from Miami, who conducts improvised therapy sessions live onstage. She’s good friends with Ali Levin. If you’re in the East Village this evening, come by. I guarantee it will get weird. (Details: sq sp 2