Double ‘g’ words

In American English, the two worst words to call a person both have a double “g” in the middle. You know the ones.


Being rejected TODAY is a vaccine, against more painful rejections TOMORROW.



If “not feeling it” was an emotion, I’d be the considered the most passionate man on earth.



This installation is hilarious and it’s on 5th Street and Avenue A in New York’s East Village. It’s part of a guerrilla marketing campaign for an app called Bartrendr. I don’t care that I’m being marketed to. It’s funny.

Good guys



“Never forget: we’re the good guys. Now cut off that dude’s head.”

– some ISIS person

Heavy Metal Laser Plane

HMLP graphic

This Friday night, I’m hosting my monthly stand-up show with my dear friend and co-producer John Anderson. It’s called Heavy Metal Laser Plane. I love it. I love doing it and sharing the funniest people in New York with my friends. If you can come along, I promise you won’t regret it. We give you a great show. Ask anyone. It’s at Legion Bar in Williamsburg, and starts at 8pm. See you there, friend.

Here’s the invite:


“I love Wikipedia. I guess you’d call me a Wikipedophile! Oh, you’re leaving? OK.”