If “not feeling it” was an emotion, I’d be the considered the most passionate man on earth.



This installation is hilarious and it’s on 5th Street and Avenue A in New York’s East Village. It’s part of a guerrilla marketing campaign for an app called Bartrendr. I don’t care that I’m being marketed to. It’s funny.

Heavy Metal Laser Plane

HMLP graphic

This Friday night, I’m hosting my monthly stand-up show with my dear friend and co-producer John Anderson. It’s called Heavy Metal Laser Plane. I love it. I love doing it and sharing the funniest people in New York with my friends. If you can come along, I promise you won’t regret it. We give you a great show. Ask anyone. It’s at Legion Bar in Williamsburg, and starts at 8pm. See you there, friend.

Here’s the invite: